The Use of Tanning Acelerators – What You Need To Know

Persons wishing to have a deep, rich tan but without alot of time to invest, often prefer to use a popular product called a Tanning Accelerator. While using an accelerating product one must also be prepared to take care of the skin by learning about the proper use of these products, and by paying attention to these tips.  There are a number of nutrients meant to keep your skin moist and supple while preventing a dry skin condition caused by exposure to sunlight and/or tanning beds.


Many of these nutrients are included in the most popular tanning accelerators on the market today Although these nutrients will be a great help to you in maintaining the health of your skin, do not make the mistake of assuming that they will protect your skin from the ravages of sun and/or lamps.  By using an accelerator you will tan more quickly with a reasonable amount of exposure to natural sunlight or tanning lamps. Increasing the amount of time you devote to tanning will not help the accelerators to provide you with a golden tan any sooner, but it could increase the chances for damaging your skin.

A bronzing agent is often built into the formula of the product providing a quick hint of color while you are building your natural tan.  Unfortunately, increased use of accelerators with bronzing compounds on your skin can also clog pores and cause buildup which will not only cause problems on your skin, but can also impede the progress of the healthy, natural tan which you desire.  It is important that you always follow a good routine of cleansing and/or showering to prevent buildup and to make sure that your skin is clean.  A product which is a combination of accelerator and bronzer will have instructions provided for the use of the product, as well as how often to wash the product off the skin.  A glowing tan is so popular because we all like to look attractive and healthy. We also highly recommend that you do a little bit of research and choose the best tanning lotion for your skin and tanning needs.

Using the right products safely can result in the desired effect. Tanning accelerator products are available at your local drugstore. Check them out today, choose the one that best formulated for your skin type, and be sure to follow enclosed directions.

6 Fun Christmas Presents For Your Music Loving Son

Christmas is within the walls. You have a son whose love for music is immeasurable. He dreams music; he worships music; he wears music- everything he does is music! What present would you buy him and make him mark this Christmas as the most memorable in his life?

If you have run out of ideas on the best gifts to buy your music loving son, there’s no need to panic. You’re in the right hands. Following is a collection of the coolest gifts for him

LED Water Dancing Speakers

LED dancing water musical fountain speaker

What a captivating Christmas to buy for your son who loves music unconditionally! Led water dancing speakers are unique gadgets that use volume and tone effects to produce water-dancing beats. What’s more, they can connect to any music player device such as laptops, iPod, mobile phones and so on.

The incredible pair of speakers is simply the coolest gift to enhance your son’s music experience.

Double Din Head Unit

Double Din Head Unit

If your son commutes to school, work or just loves driving, this is your part. Buying him the best double din head unit on the market will keep him entertained by his favorite music and favorite artists as he drives along. It will make him feel that the car he drives uniquely belongs to him.

Once he installs this awesome gift in his car, it will open to him a world of possibilities. Yes, numerous wonderful possibilities he never thought he could do with his music.

Disk Manager

cd manager

As a great fan of music, your son has piles of CDs spread all over his room. It’s an undeniable fact. Additionally, these CDS might be consuming a lot of space in his room. A disk manager helps store and organize all the disks, freeing up space that could be used for other purposes. The best part about the disk manager is that it makes it’s completely easy to retrieve every disk. All your son needs to do is create a catalog of the disks and save it online or an index list and keep it in a drawer within the room.

A Home Karaoke Unit

Home Karaoke Unit

How much does your son enjoy the music he listens to? Does he sing in the shower or hum along the various songs? Well, if you have noted him doing any of these activities, buying him a home karaoke unit/machine will make his Christmas.

Most of the karaoke home units can be connected directly to your son’s mp3 player. They have the capability of stripping out the lyrics of all songs. They even allow you to plug-in an instrument to support your son as he performs a karaoke session!

A home karaoke machine will sharpen your son’s music talent.

Audioquest Dragonfly

Audioquest Dragonfly

Almost all teens have their music files stored on their laptops/computers. This is not an exception for your son. However, one great challenge that your son faces every time he plays the music in his laptop is that it does not produce the beats he wants to blast. What about buying him a gadget that enables his headphones to produce the desired beats when playing the files on the laptop? Wouldn’t this be a great gift idea for him?

Audioquest Dragonfly is the gadget you need to make your son’s dream of getting the computer to deliver the right beats to his headphones. It does this by bypassing the laptop’s inbuilt soundcard. The fact that this flash-drive sized gadget can boost the sound of high-end headphones as well makes it a fun present for your son this Christmas.

Portable Audio Mixer

Portable Audio Mixer

Last on our list of fun Christmas gifts for your music loving son is a portable audio mixer. It is a pretty awesome gift idea for your son if he dreams of being a DJ or songwriter, loves spinning records, plays in a band or is just a hardcore music lover, consider buying them a portable digital audio mixer.

The device can easily record music, microphones and instruments to and from a computer or iPod. Recording live gigs with this gadget as well is pretty simple.

What could be a better gift to make your son enjoy this Christmas like never before?

Final Thoughts

Now you have it: the collection of the coolest gifts for your music loving son. Make a point of buying him any of the above gifts and he’ll always be thankful to you for making his Christmas a success.